PentoMag® 4400

Reduce Engine Fouling

Optimise Combustion Efficiency

PentoMag® 4400 is designed to fulfill the following goals

Reduce sludge in storage tanks
Reduce waste separation and disposition
Improve combustion of the fuel
Neutralize corrosion effects and eliminate deposits

Components and tasks of this additive


Cracking catalyst

Reduce sludge in storage tanks


Fuel homogenizer

Reduce waste separation and disposition


Combustion catalyst

Improve combustion of the fuel


Corrosion inhibitor

Neutralize corrosion effects and eliminate deposits

Cracking catalyst

Crack heavy fractions of the fuel oil to improve volatilization.

The cracking process happens in the storage tanks.
Components in low quality diesel fuel

The fuel homogenizer

Waste reduction.

PentoMag® 4400 includes sludge dispersing solvents and water emulsifiers to stabilize the fuel.

Result: Existing deposits become friable and can easily be removed without water.

The total sludge absorbed in the fuel separators is minimized and they will be unloaded significantly, reducing the purge cycles and the water consumption.

The combustion catalyst

Emission reduction.

The catalyst in PentoMag® 4400 evokes a reduction of the activation energy of the fuel.

  • carbon burn out is more complete
  • less oxygen needed
  • producing less smoke and ash
  • more efficiency reduces fuel consumption
  • less fouling and corrosion protects components .

The corrosion inhibitor

The additive works by modifying the fusion point of the combustion residuals.

Ash particles stick to cool surfaces and build up deposits.
PentoMag 4400 prevents formation of these deposits, extending lifetime of the engine.

Technical advantages

Fuel Tank

  • Less sludge
  • Less cleaning


  • Less cleaning
  • Less waste
  • Less water treatment


  • Less fouling on injectors
  • Less plugging of valves
  • Reduce corrosion on cylinders and liners

Turbo Charger

  • Significantly less cleaning
  • Higher availability


  • Less emission
  • Less corrosion

Recovery boiler (if available)

  • Less delta p
  • Less corrosion
  • Less plugging

Commercial advantages


  • Less cleaning everywhere
  • Maintain full load for longer time period
  • Less outages due to dirtiness
  • Higher efficiency of components

Spare parts

  • Last longer


  • Reduce fuel consumption (2 to 5%)

A typical situation

 We faced serious problems in our Diesel Engines, leading to shutdowns every 3.5 days to clean the injection nozzles and the turbo charger.

After an extensive trial period this additive is now part of all our diesel power plants.

Productivity increased to 2.000 h

 In addition to the reduction of maintenance works, we save approx. 2 to 5 % of fuel oil.




How to reduce sludge and corrosion in diesel engines

PentoMag® 4400 is dosed on the filling line of the day tank or storage tank:  
- avoid deposits and corrosion which cause problems on exhaust valve seats, liners, piston rings or even on blades of turbo chargers
- increase the net calorific value of the fuel and reduce the amount of waste disposed
Read our brochure PentoMag® 4400. Learn how to the all-in-one additive increases the efficiency of your diesel engine

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