Fuel additives for gas turbines 

fuel oil additives to control high temperature corrosion of gas turbine blades and vanes

High temperature corrosion
Pentol offers a range of specially designed fuel additives to control corrosion and fouling of gas turbine components in high temperature section.
Several different corrosion mechanisms can occur from ash deposit formations with low melting point originating from certain metal impurity traces in gas turbine fuels. 
As a naturally-occurring component crude oils and residual-grade fuel oils typically contain small vanadium quantities.
During combustion, these type fuels create ash deposits composed mainly of vanadium pentoxide [V2O5], and with a low melting point of about 675 °C (1247 °F). 
At typical gas turbine operating temperatures the vanadic ash deposits melt, and thereby accelerate the blades and vanes surface oxidation rate. 
Other metal impurity traces,  as lead and zinc, will also initiate high temperature corrosion by similar mechanisms.

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