Magnesium oxide (MgO) is a powdery, natural product which is formed by burning of magnesium carbonate in a deck oven.

Pentol specializes in the manufacture and supply of magnesium oxide of high reactivity.



Magnesium oxide can be used in many aspects. From the feed and paper industry to flue gas cleaning with a wide variety of applications possible. The high reactivity of magnesium oxide can be excellent for neutralizing acids use, its hardness makes it ideal as a base material for grinding wheels and its fire resistance allows use as a flame retardant.  



Magnesium oxide is obtained from the thermal conversion of other magnesium compounds. During calcination of naturally occurring magnesium carbonate (magnesite) at about 800 ° C so-called produced 'caustic calcined magnesite'. During the firing process, the carbon dioxide escapes, but the temperature is too low to permit sintering. The resulting magnesiumoxide-grain even has the external form of magnesium carbonate, are porous and highly reactive by the large internal surface area.   More Info?



Pentol uses large amounts of magnesium oxide for the production of heavy oil additives. We depend on high reactivity of the raw material to make the use of these additives in power plants possible. Our know-how in procurement can be made available to you making the raw material used by us accessible. Please contact us to get your personal offer. 


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